Syrian President Bashar Al Assad has been defending his country from radical Islamic terrorists who are supported financially and militarily by the U.S. and its allies.

Syrian President Bashar Al Assad, in a February 7 interview to Belgian media, again insisted that the ongoing civil war in his country, in which more than 450,000 civilians are thought to have been killed as radical terrorists fight to overthrow the Assad regime, was covertly launched and continuously sponsored and funded by a slew of Western nations and their allies, including the United States, United Kingdom, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

When asked if Assad believes that the European Union of NATO can play a role in helping to rebuild Syria, he stated: “You cannot play that role while you are destroying Syria because the EU has supported the terrorists from the very beginning; they were supporting Al Nusra and the Islamic State group from the very beginning. So you cannot destroy and rebuild at the same time.”

There is ample evidence, including the infamous U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency report from 2012 and the leaked Wikileaks cable from 2006 (five years before the Syrian civil war began), that the U.S. has long been involved in undermining the Assad regime in Syria, first by funding anti-Assad media outlets in the country, then by funneling arms and money into the hands of radical Salafist terrorists looking to overthrow Assad’s regime, and also by directly training some of these so-called moderate rebels and allowing them to take control of vast swaths of the country, knowing that doing so would weaken Assad and aid the U.S. in their effort to gain control over the government of Syria.

The U.S.’s reason for wanting to take out Assad? Maintaining its hegemonic domination of the Middle East and Asia (and strategic positioning on Iran, Russia and China), and, according to many, oil pipelines, which Assad has until prohibited from passing through Syria on their way to Europe.

It’s important to note that while Western media has attempted to portray Assad as an evil boogeyman who routinely and deliberately massacres his own people, the fact of the matter is that nearly every single public opinion poll in Syria has shown that the majority of Syrians support Assad. That’s in contrast to the U.S., where public opinion polls in both the Obama and Trump administration regularly show that less of the American public supports their president when compared to polls of the Syrian public and their support for Assad.