Psychedelic dub revolutionary Ott has made a name for himself through working with artists such as Sinéad O’Connor, Embrace, The Orb, and Brian Eno, and also through his truly mind manifesting electronic albums, littered with meaningful overdubs of Alan Watts recordings, along with relevant bits from other thought leaders.

Ott’s third album “Mir” begins with an ambient beat and recording of Alan Watts talking about how to listen to music in a mindful way.

“Don’t let yourself, or your ears, be offended by improper or unscheduled sounds,” Watts muses over Ott’s beautifully woven kaleidoscope of dreamy sounds.

“If, for example, the record is scratchy, okay. You wouldn’t object if you were listening to it sitting by a fire…. crackling logs. Simply close your eyes and allow your ears to hear all sounds around you. Don’t try to name or identify these sounds. Just hear them as you would listen to music. As when you hear a flute or a guitar. Don’t bother about what it means. Your brain will take care of that by itself. Just let your eardrums respond as they will, to all vibrations now in the air.”

Sit back and relax and press play: