About Us

Liberating Info aims to facilitate positive change and aid in the elevation of human consciousness by raising awareness on important issues and disseminating paradigm-shifting information.

In the age of information, it’s never been more important to question what you are told and the information that you consume, especially the things spread by people and institutions in positions of power, as many in these positions have selfish and nefarious agendas that are often detrimental to society, the individual, the planet and perhaps the entire universe.

We at Liberating Info believe that it is of the utmost importance to propagate information that is positive, truthful, and meaningful – information that has the ability to counter misinformation and disinformation, to bring an end to inequalities and injustices, and ultimately, to change the world for the better. Education and knowledge are key .

It’s crucial to get involved in any way possible – even if that means simply sharing important articles and facts on social media, because powerful and truthful information has a penetrating effect and adheres to the principal of the butterfly effect. You may feel like spreading that information is of no importance, or that no one will read it, but you will be surprised. Every little bit counts, and that’s ultimately what this site is about – making sure our little bit counts.